Module rocket::mtls::x509::der_parser::asn1_rs::nom::lib::std

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Available on crate feature mtls only.
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internal std exports for no_std compatibility


  • Memory allocation APIs.
  • The Box<T> type for heap allocation.
  • Utilities for comparing and ordering values.
  • Collection types.
  • Traits for conversions between types.
  • Utilities for formatting and printing Strings.
  • Generic hashing support.
  • Composable external iteration.
  • Basic functions for dealing with memory.
  • Overloadable operators.
  • Optional values.
  • Error handling with the Result type.
  • Utilities for the slice primitive type.
  • Utilities for the str primitive type.
  • A UTF-8–encoded, growable string.
  • A contiguous growable array type with heap-allocated contents, written Vec<T>.


  • Creates a Vec containing the arguments.