[][src]Trait rocket::request::FromSegments

pub trait FromSegments<'a>: Sized {
    type Error: Debug;
    fn from_segments(segments: Segments<'a>) -> Result<Self, Self::Error>;

Trait to convert many dynamic path segment strings to a concrete value.

This is the .. analog to FromParam, and its functionality is identical to it with one exception: this trait applies to segment parameters of the form <param..>, where param is of some type T that implements FromSegments. T::from_segments is called to convert the matched segments (via the Segments iterator) into the implementing type.

Provided Implementations

Rocket implements FromParam for PathBuf. The PathBuf implementation constructs a path from the segments iterator. Each segment is percent-decoded. If a segment equals ".." before or after decoding, the previous segment (if any) is omitted. For security purposes, any other segments that begin with "*" or "." are ignored. If a percent-decoded segment results in invalid UTF8, an Err is returned with the Utf8Error.

Associated Types

The associated error to be returned when parsing fails.

Required Methods

Parses an instance of Self from many dynamic path parameter strings or returns an Error if one cannot be parsed.

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<'a> FromSegments<'a> for PathBuf

Creates a PathBuf from a Segments iterator. The returned PathBuf is percent-decoded. If a segment is equal to "..", the previous segment (if any) is skipped.

For security purposes, if a segment meets any of the following conditions, an Err is returned indicating the condition met:

As a result of these conditions, a PathBuf derived via FromSegments is safe to interpolate within, or use as a suffix of, a path without additional checks.

impl<'a, T: FromSegments<'a>> FromSegments<'a> for Result<T, T::Error>

impl<'a, T: FromSegments<'a>> FromSegments<'a> for Option<T>


impl<'a> FromSegments<'a> for Segments<'a>