Module rocket::http::hyper

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Re-exported hyper HTTP library types.

All types that are re-exported from Hyper reside inside of this module. These types will, with certainty, be removed with time, but they reside here while necessary.


  • Adapts the HTTP/1.1 implementation into the HttpMessage API.
  • Reexported Hyper header types.
  • Re-exporting the mime crate, for convenience.
  • A collection of traits abstracting over Listeners and Streams.


  • A request bundles several parts of an incoming NetworkStream, given to a Handler.
  • The outgoing half for a Tcp connection, created by a Server and given to a Handler.
  • A server can listen on a TCP socket.


  • A set of errors that can occur parsing HTTP streams.
  • The Request Method (VERB)
  • The Request-URI of a Request’s StartLine.
  • An HTTP status code (status-code in RFC 7230 et al.).


  • A handler that can handle incoming requests for a server.