Macro rocket::routes

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routes!() { /* proc-macro */ }
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Generates a [Vec] of Routes from a set of route paths.

The routes! macro expands a list of route paths into a [Vec] of their corresponding Route structures. For example, given the following routes:

fn index() { /* .. */ }

mod person {
    pub fn hello(person: String) { /* .. */ }

The routes! macro can be used as:

let my_routes = routes![index, person::hello];
assert_eq!(my_routes.len(), 2);

let index_route = &my_routes[0];
assert_eq!(index_route.method, Method::Get);
assert_eq!(, Some("index"));
assert_eq!(index_route.uri.path(), "/");

let hello_route = &my_routes[1];
assert_eq!(hello_route.method, Method::Post);
assert_eq!(, Some("hello"));
assert_eq!(hello_route.uri.path(), "/hi/<person>");

The grammar for routes! is defined as:

routes := PATH (',' PATH)*

PATH := a path, as defined by Rust