Module rocket::response

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Types and traits to build and send responses.

The return type of a Rocket handler can be any type that implements the Responder trait, which means that the type knows how to generate a Response. Among other things, this module contains several such types.


Many of the built-in Responder types chain responses: they take in another Responder and add, remove, or change information in the response. In other words, many Responder types are built to compose well. As a result, you’ll often have types of the form A<B<C>> consisting of three Responders A, B, and C. This is normal and encouraged as the type names typically illustrate the intended response.


The contrib crate contains several useful Responders including Template and Json.


  • Contains types that set the Content-Type of a response.
  • Contains types that set the status code and corresponding headers of a response.


  • Sets the Content-Type of a Responder to a chosen value.
  • Debug prints the internal value before responding with a 500 error.
  • Sets a “flash” cookie that will be removed when it is accessed. The analogous request type is FlashMessage.
  • A file with an associated name; responds with the Content-Type based on the file extension.
  • An empty redirect response to a given URL.
  • A response, as returned by types implementing Responder.
  • Type for easily building Responses.
  • Streams a response to a client from an arbitrary Reader type.


  • The body of a response: can be sized or streamed/chunked.



  • Trait implemented by types that generate responses for clients.

Type Aliases§

  • Type alias for the Result of a Responder::respond call.