pub trait FromDer<'a> {
    fn from_der(bytes: &'a [u8]) -> Result<(&'a [u8], Self), Err<X509Error>>;
Available on crate feature mtls only.
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Parse a DER-encoded object, and return the remaining of the input and the built object.

The returned object uses zero-copy, and so has the same lifetime as the input.

Note that only parsing is done, not validation.


To parse a certificate and print the subject and issuer:

let res = X509Certificate::from_der(DER);
match res {
    Ok((_rem, x509)) => {
        let subject = x509.subject();
        let issuer = x509.issuer();
        println!("X.509 Subject: {}", subject);
        println!("X.509 Issuer: {}", issuer);
    _ => panic!("x509 parsing failed: {:?}", res),

Required Methods

Attempt to parse input bytes into a DER object

Implementations on Foreign Types

CertificationRequest ::= SEQUENCE {
    certificationRequestInfo CertificationRequestInfo,
    signatureAlgorithm AlgorithmIdentifier{{ SignatureAlgorithms }},
    signature          BIT STRING
CertificationRequestInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
     version       INTEGER { v1(0) } (v1,...),
     subject       Name,
     subjectPKInfo SubjectPublicKeyInfo{{ PKInfoAlgorithms }},
     attributes    [0] Attributes{{ CRIAttributes }}


CertificateList  ::=  SEQUENCE  {
     tbsCertList          TBSCertList,
     signatureAlgorithm   AlgorithmIdentifier,
     signatureValue       BIT STRING  }
Extension  ::=  SEQUENCE  {
    critical    BOOLEAN DEFAULT FALSE,
    extnValue   OCTET STRING  }