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This is supported on crate feature uuid only.
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UUID path/query parameter and form value parsing support.


This module is only available when the uuid feature is enabled. Enable it in Cargo.toml as follows:

version = "0.5.0-rc.1"
features = ["uuid"]


Uuid implements FromParam and FromFormField (i.e, FromForm), allowing UUID values to be accepted directly in paths, queries, and forms. You can use the Uuid type directly as a target of a dynamic parameter:

use rocket::serde::uuid::Uuid;

fn user(id: Uuid) -> String {
    format!("We found: {}", id)

You can also use the Uuid as a form value, including in query strings:

use rocket::serde::uuid::Uuid;

fn user(id: Uuid) -> String {
    format!("User ID: {}", id)

Additionally, Uuid implements UriDisplay<P> for all P. As such, route URIs including Uuids can be generated in a type-safe manner:

use rocket::serde::uuid::Uuid;
use rocket::response::Redirect;

fn user(id: Uuid) -> String {
    format!("User ID: {}", id)

fn old_user_path(id: Uuid) -> Redirect {

Extra Features

The uuid crate exposes extra v{n} features for generating UUIDs which are not enabled by Rocket. To enable these features, depend on uuid directly. The extra functionality can be accessed via both rocket::serde::uuid::Uuid or the direct uuid::Uuid; the types are one and the same.

version = "0.8"
features = ["v1", "v4"]



A builder struct for creating a UUID.


A Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).



The reserved variants of UUIDs.


The version of the UUID, denoting the generating algorithm.

Type Definitions


Type alias for the error returned on FromParam or FromFormField failure.