Function rocket::form::validate::ext

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pub fn ext<'v>(file: &TempFile<'_>, type: ContentType) -> Result<'v, ()>
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File type validator: succeeds when a TempFile has the Content-Type content_type.

On error, returns a validation error with one of the following messages:

// the file has an incorrect extension
file type was .$file_ext but must be $type

// the file does not have an extension
file type must be $type


use rocket::form::FromForm;
use rocket::data::ToByteUnit;
use rocket::http::ContentType;
use rocket::fs::TempFile;

struct Foo<'r> {
    #[field(validate = ext(ContentType::PDF))]
    #[field(validate = len(..1.mebibytes()))]
    document: TempFile<'r>,