Function rocket::mtls::oid::asn1_rs::nom::bytes::complete::escaped

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pub fn escaped<'a, Input, Error, F, G, O1, O2>(
    normal: F,
    control_char: char,
    escapable: G
) -> impl FnMut(Input)
where Input: 'a + Clone + Offset + InputLength + InputTake + InputTakeAtPosition + Slice<RangeFrom<usize>> + InputIter, <Input as InputIter>::Item: AsChar, F: Parser<Input, O1, Error>, G: Parser<Input, O2, Error>, Error: ParseError<Input>,
Available on crate feature mtls only.
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Matches a byte string with escaped characters.

  • The first argument matches the normal characters (it must not accept the control character)
  • The second argument is the control character (like \ in most languages)
  • The third argument matches the escaped characters


use nom::bytes::complete::escaped;
use nom::character::complete::one_of;

fn esc(s: &str) -> IResult<&str, &str> {
  escaped(digit1, '\\', one_of(r#""n\"#))(s)

assert_eq!(esc("123;"), Ok((";", "123")));
assert_eq!(esc(r#"12\"34;"#), Ok((";", r#"12\"34"#)));