Module rocket::mtls::oid::asn1_rs::nom::combinator

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Available on crate feature mtls only.
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General purpose combinators



  • Succeeds if all the input has been consumed by its child parser.
  • Transforms Incomplete into Error.
  • Calls the parser if the condition is met.
  • if the child parser was successful, return the consumed input with the output as a tuple. Functions similarly to recognize except it returns the parser output as well.
  • Transforms an Err::Error (recoverable) to Err::Failure (unrecoverable)
  • returns its input if it is at the end of input data
  • A parser which always fails.
  • Creates a new parser from the output of the first parser, then apply that parser over the rest of the input.
  • automatically converts the child parser’s result to another type
  • Creates an iterator from input data and a parser.
  • Maps a function on the result of a parser.
  • Applies a function returning an Option over the result of a parser.
  • Applies a parser over the result of another one.
  • Applies a function returning a Result over the result of a parser.
  • Succeeds if the child parser returns an error.
  • Optional parser, will return None on Err::Error.
  • Tries to apply its parser without consuming the input.
  • If the child parser was successful, return the consumed input as produced value.
  • Return the remaining input.
  • Return the length of the remaining input.
  • a parser which always succeeds with given value without consuming any input.
  • Returns the provided value if the child parser succeeds.
  • Returns the result of the child parser if it satisfies a verification function.