Function rocket::mtls::oid::asn1_rs::nom::lib::std::cmp::max_by_key

1.53.0 · source ·
pub fn max_by_key<T, F, K>(v1: T, v2: T, f: F) -> T
where F: FnMut(&T) -> K, K: Ord,
Available on crate feature mtls only.
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Returns the element that gives the maximum value from the specified function.

Returns the second argument if the comparison determines them to be equal.


use std::cmp;

let result = cmp::max_by_key(-2, 1, |x: &i32| x.abs());
assert_eq!(result, -2);

let result = cmp::max_by_key(-2, 2, |x: &i32| x.abs());
assert_eq!(result, 2);