Type Alias rocket::request::FlashMessage

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pub type FlashMessage<'a> = Flash<&'a CookieJar<'a>>;
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Type alias to retrieve Flash messages from a request.

A FlashMessage holds the parsed contents of the flash cookie. As long as there is a flash cookie present (set by the Flash Responder), a FlashMessage request guard will succeed.

The flash cookie is cleared if either the kind() or message() method is called. If neither method is called, the flash cookie is not cleared.

Aliased Type§

struct FlashMessage<'a> { /* private fields */ }



impl<'r> FlashMessage<'r>


pub fn into_inner(self) -> (String, String)

Returns a tuple of (kind, message), consuming self.


pub fn kind(&self) -> &str

Returns the kind of this message.


pub fn message(&self) -> &str

Returns the message contents of this message.

Trait Implementations§


impl<'r> FromRequest<'r> for FlashMessage<'r>

Retrieves a flash message from a flash cookie. If there is no flash cookie, or if the flash cookie is malformed, an empty Err is returned.

The suggested use is through an Option and the FlashMessage type alias in request: Option<FlashMessage>.


type Error = ()

The associated error to be returned if derivation fails.

fn from_request<'life0, 'async_trait>( req: &'r Request<'life0> ) -> Pin<Box<dyn Future<Output = Outcome<Self, Self::Error>> + Send + 'async_trait>>
where Self: 'async_trait, 'r: 'async_trait, 'life0: 'async_trait,

Derives an instance of Self from the incoming request metadata. Read more

impl Serialize for FlashMessage<'_>


fn serialize<S: Serializer>(&self, ser: S) -> Result<S::Ok, S::Error>

Serialize this value into the given Serde serializer. Read more