Attribute Macro rocket_sync_db_pools::database

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Generates a request guard and fairing for retrieving a database connection.

The syntax for the databases macro is:

macro := 'database' '( DATABASE_NAME ')'

DATABASE_NAME := string literal

The attribute accepts a single string parameter that indicates the name of the database. This corresponds to the database name set as the database’s configuration key:

The macro generates a FromRequest implementation for the decorated type, allowing the type to be used as a request guard. This implementation retrieves a connection from the database pool or fails with a Status::ServiceUnavailable if connecting to the database times out.

The macro also generates three inherent methods on the decorated type:

  • fn fairing() -> impl Fairing

    Returns a fairing that initializes the associated database connection pool.

  • async fn get_one<P: Phase>(&Rocket<P>) -> Option<Self>

    Retrieves a connection wrapper from the configured pool. Returns Some as long as Self::fairing() has been attached.

  • async fn run<R: Send + 'static>(&self, impl FnOnce(&mut Db) -> R + Send + 'static) -> R

    Runs the specified function or closure, providing it access to the underlying database connection (&mut Db). Returns the value returned by the function or closure.