Trait rocket_sync_db_pools::Poolable

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pub trait Poolable: Send + Sized + 'static {
    type Manager: ManageConnection<Connection = Self>;
    type Error: Debug;

    // Required method
    fn pool(db_name: &str, rocket: &Rocket<Build>) -> PoolResult<Self>;
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Trait implemented by r2d2-based database adapters.

§Provided Implementations

Implementations of Poolable are provided for the following types:

  • diesel::MysqlConnection
  • diesel::PgConnection
  • diesel::SqliteConnection
  • postgres::Connection
  • rusqlite::Connection

§Implementation Guide

As an r2d2-compatible database (or other resource) adapter provider, implementing Poolable in your own library will enable Rocket users to consume your adapter with its built-in connection pooling support.


Consider a library foo with the following types:

  • foo::ConnectionManager, which implements r2d2::ManageConnection
  • foo::Connection, the Connection associated type of foo::ConnectionManager
  • foo::Error, errors resulting from manager instantiation

In order for Rocket to generate the required code to automatically provision a r2d2 connection pool into application state, the Poolable trait needs to be implemented for the connection type. The following example implements Poolable for foo::Connection:

use std::time::Duration;
use rocket::{Rocket, Build};
use rocket_sync_db_pools::{r2d2, Error, Config, Poolable, PoolResult};

impl Poolable for foo::Connection {
    type Manager = foo::ConnectionManager;
    type Error = foo::Error;

    fn pool(db_name: &str, rocket: &Rocket<Build>) -> PoolResult<Self> {
        let config = Config::from(db_name, rocket)?;
        let manager = foo::ConnectionManager::new(&config.url).map_err(Error::Custom)?;
            .connection_timeout(Duration::from_secs(config.timeout as u64))

In this example, ConnectionManager::new() method returns a foo::Error on failure. The Error enum consolidates this type, the r2d2::Error type that can result from r2d2::Pool::builder(), and the figment::Error type from database::Config::from().

In the event that a connection manager isn’t fallible (as is the case with Diesel’s r2d2 connection manager, for instance), the associated error type for the Poolable implementation should be std::convert::Infallible.

For more concrete example, consult Rocket’s existing implementations of Poolable.

Required Associated Types§


type Manager: ManageConnection<Connection = Self>

The associated connection manager for the given connection type.


type Error: Debug

The associated error type in the event that constructing the connection manager and/or the connection pool fails.

Required Methods§


fn pool(db_name: &str, rocket: &Rocket<Build>) -> PoolResult<Self>

Creates an r2d2 connection pool for Manager::Connection, returning the pool on success.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl Poolable for MysqlConnection


impl Poolable for PgConnection


impl Poolable for SqliteConnection


impl Poolable for Client


impl Poolable for Client


impl Poolable for Connection