Module rocket::http

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Types that map to concepts in HTTP.

This module exports types that map to HTTP concepts or to the underlying HTTP library when needed.


  • Extension traits implemented by several HTTP types.
  • Case-preserving, ASCII case-insensitive string types.
  • Types for URIs and traits for rendering URI components.



  • The HTTP Accept header.
  • Representation of HTTP Content-Types.
  • Representation of an HTTP cookie.
  • Collection of one or more HTTP cookies.
  • Simple representation of an HTTP header.
  • A collection of headers, mapping a header name to its many ordered values.
  • Iterator over all of the cookies in a jar.
  • An HTTP media type.
  • A MediaType with an associated quality value.
  • A reference to a string inside of a raw HTTP message.
  • An owned version of RawStr.
  • Structure representing an HTTP status: an integer code.