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This is supported on crate feature msgpack only.
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Automatic MessagePack (de)serialization support.

See MsgPack for further details.


This module is only available when the json feature is enabled. Enable it in Cargo.toml as follows:

version = "0.5.0-rc.1"
features = ["msgpack"]


The LocalRequest and LocalResponse types provide msgpack() and into_msgpack() methods to create a request with serialized MessagePack and deserialize a response as MessagePack, respectively.


The MessagePack guard: easily consume and return MessagePack.


Enum representing errors that can occur while decoding MessagePack data.


Deserialize an instance of type T from MessagePack encoded bytes.

Serialize a T into a MessagePack byte vector with compact representation.

Serialize a T into a MessagePack byte vector with named representation.