[][src]Enum rocket::error::LaunchErrorKind

pub enum LaunchErrorKind {
    Collision(Vec<(Route, Route)>),
    FailedFairings(Vec<&'static str>),
    Unknown(Box<dyn Error + Send + Sync>),

The kind of launch error that occurred.

In almost every instance, a launch error occurs because of an I/O error; this is represented by the Io variant. A launch error may also occur because of ill-defined routes that lead to collisions or because a fairing encountered an error; these are represented by the Collision and FailedFairing variants, respectively. The Unknown variant captures all other kinds of launch errors.



Binding to the provided address/port failed.


An I/O error occurred during launch.

Collision(Vec<(Route, Route)>)

Route collisions were detected.

FailedFairings(Vec<&'static str>)

A launch fairing reported an error.

Unknown(Box<dyn Error + Send + Sync>)

An otherwise uncategorized error occurred during launch.

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for LaunchErrorKind[src]

impl Display for LaunchErrorKind[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl !RefUnwindSafe for LaunchErrorKind

impl Send for LaunchErrorKind

impl Sync for LaunchErrorKind

impl Unpin for LaunchErrorKind

impl !UnwindSafe for LaunchErrorKind

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