[][src]Struct rocket::fairing::Info

pub struct Info {
    pub name: &'static str,
    pub kind: Kind,

Information about a Fairing.

The name field is an arbitrary name for a fairing. The kind field is a is an ord set of Kind structures. Rocket uses the values set in Kind to determine which callbacks from a given Fairing implementation to actually call.


A simple Info structure that can be used for a Fairing that implements all four callbacks:

use rocket::fairing::{Info, Kind};

Info {
    name: "Example Fairing",
    kind: Kind::Attach | Kind::Launch | Kind::Request | Kind::Response


name: &'static str

The name of the fairing.

kind: Kind

A set representing the callbacks the fairing wishes to receive.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Info

impl Sync for Info

impl Unpin for Info

impl UnwindSafe for Info

impl RefUnwindSafe for Info

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