[][src]Struct rocket::http::hyper::header::StrictTransportSecurity

pub struct StrictTransportSecurity {
    pub include_subdomains: bool,
    pub max_age: u64,

StrictTransportSecurity header, defined in RFC6797

This specification defines a mechanism enabling web sites to declare themselves accessible only via secure connections and/or for users to be able to direct their user agent(s) to interact with given sites only over secure connections. This overall policy is referred to as HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS). The policy is declared by web sites via the Strict-Transport-Security HTTP response header field and/or by other means, such as user agent configuration, for example.


     [ directive ]  *( ";" [ directive ] )

     directive                 = directive-name [ "=" directive-value ]
     directive-name            = token
     directive-value           = token | quoted-string

Example values


use hyper::header::{Headers, StrictTransportSecurity};

let mut headers = Headers::new();



include_subdomains: bool

Signals the UA that the HSTS Policy applies to this HSTS Host as well as any subdomains of the host's domain name.

max_age: u64

Specifies the number of seconds, after the reception of the STS header field, during which the UA regards the host (from whom the message was received) as a Known HSTS Host.


impl StrictTransportSecurity[src]

pub fn including_subdomains(max_age: u64) -> StrictTransportSecurity[src]

Create an STS header that includes subdomains

pub fn excluding_subdomains(max_age: u64) -> StrictTransportSecurity[src]

Create an STS header that excludes subdomains

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for StrictTransportSecurity[src]

impl Debug for StrictTransportSecurity[src]

impl Display for StrictTransportSecurity[src]

impl From<StrictTransportSecurity> for Header<'static>

impl FromStr for StrictTransportSecurity[src]

type Err = Error

The associated error which can be returned from parsing.

impl Header for StrictTransportSecurity[src]

impl HeaderFormat for StrictTransportSecurity[src]

impl PartialEq<StrictTransportSecurity> for StrictTransportSecurity[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for StrictTransportSecurity[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for StrictTransportSecurity

impl Send for StrictTransportSecurity

impl Sync for StrictTransportSecurity

impl Unpin for StrictTransportSecurity

impl UnwindSafe for StrictTransportSecurity

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