[][src]Trait rocket::http::hyper::net::NetworkListener

pub trait NetworkListener: Clone {
    type Stream: NetworkStream + Clone + Send;
    fn accept(&mut self) -> Result<Self::Stream, Error>;
fn local_addr(&mut self) -> Result<SocketAddr, Error>; fn incoming(&mut self) -> NetworkConnections<Self> { ... }
fn set_read_timeout(&mut self, Option<Duration>) { ... }
fn set_write_timeout(&mut self, Option<Duration>) { ... } }

An abstraction to listen for connections on a certain port.

Associated Types

type Stream: NetworkStream + Clone + Send

The stream produced for each connection.

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Required methods

fn accept(&mut self) -> Result<Self::Stream, Error>

Returns an iterator of streams.

fn local_addr(&mut self) -> Result<SocketAddr, Error>

Get the address this Listener ended up listening on.

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Provided methods

fn incoming(&mut self) -> NetworkConnections<Self>

Returns an iterator over incoming connections.

fn set_read_timeout(&mut self, Option<Duration>)

Sets the read timeout for all streams that are accepted

fn set_write_timeout(&mut self, Option<Duration>)

Sets the write timeout for all streams that are accepted

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impl NetworkListener for HttpListener[src]

type Stream = HttpStream

impl<S> NetworkListener for HttpsListener<S> where
    S: SslServer<HttpStream> + Clone

type Stream = <S as SslServer<HttpStream>>::Stream

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