[][src]Struct rocket::response::status::Created

pub struct Created<R>(pub String, pub Option<R>);

Sets the status of the response to 201 (Created).

The String field is set as the value of the Location header in the response. The optional Responder field is used to finalize the response.


use rocket::response::status;

let url = "http://myservice.com/resource.json".to_string();
let content = "{ 'resource': 'Hello, world!' }";
let response = status::Created(url, Some(content));

Trait Implementations

impl<R: Clone> Clone for Created<R>[src]

impl<R: Debug> Debug for Created<R>[src]

impl<R: PartialEq> PartialEq<Created<R>> for Created<R>[src]

impl<'r, R: Responder<'r>> Responder<'r> for Created<R>[src]

Sets the status code of the response to 201 Created. Sets the Location header to the String parameter in the constructor.

The optional responder finalizes the response if it exists. The wrapped responder should write the body of the response so that it contains information about the created resource. If no responder is provided, the response body will be empty.

impl<'r, R: Responder<'r> + Hash> Responder<'r> for Created<R>[src]

In addition to setting the status code, Location header, and finalizing the response with the Responder, the ETag header is set conditionally if a Responder is provided that implements Hash. The ETag header is set to a hash value of the responder.

impl<R> StructuralPartialEq for Created<R>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<R> RefUnwindSafe for Created<R> where
    R: RefUnwindSafe

impl<R> Send for Created<R> where
    R: Send

impl<R> Sync for Created<R> where
    R: Sync

impl<R> Unpin for Created<R> where
    R: Unpin

impl<R> UnwindSafe for Created<R> where
    R: UnwindSafe

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