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Types and traits to build and send responses.

The return type of a Rocket handler can be any type that implements the Responder trait, which means that the type knows how to generate a Response. Among other things, this module contains several such types.


Many of the built-in Responder types chain responses: they take in another Responder and add, remove, or change information in the response. In other words, many Responder types are built to compose well. As a result, you’ll often have types of the form A<B<C>> consisting of three Responders A, B, and C. This is normal and encouraged as the type names typically illustrate the intended response.


Contains types that set the Content-Type of a response.

Contains types that set the status code and corresponding headers of a response.

Potentially infinite async Stream response types.


The body of a Response.

Builder for the Response type.

Debug prints the internal value before forwarding to the 500 error catcher.

Sets a “flash” cookie that will be removed when it is accessed. The analogous request type is FlashMessage.

An empty redirect response to a given URL.

A response, as returned by types implementing Responder.


Trait implemented by types that generate responses for clients.

Type Definitions

Type alias for the Result of a Responder::respond_to() call.