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Types that map to concepts in HTTP.

This module exports types that map to HTTP concepts or to the underlying HTTP library when needed.


Extension traits implemented by several HTTP types.

Re-exported hyper HTTP library types.

Case-preserving, ASCII case-insensitive string types.

Types for URIs and traits for rendering URI components.


Macro to automatically generate identity FromUriParam trait implementations.


The HTTP Accept header.

Representation of HTTP Content-Types.

Representation of an HTTP cookie.

Collection of one or more HTTP cookies.

Simple representation of an HTTP header.

A collection of headers, mapping a header name to its many ordered values.

Iterator over all of the cookies in a jar.

An HTTP media type.

A MediaType with an associated quality value.

A reference to a string inside of a raw HTTP message.

An owned version of RawStr.

Structure representing an HTTP status: an integer code.


Representation of HTTP methods.

The SameSite cookie attribute.

Enumeration of HTTP status classes.