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The tera templating engine library, reexported.


Tera is a template engine based on Jinja2 and the Django template language.

See the site for features and to get started.


The AST of Tera

Re-export some helper fns useful to write filters/fns/tests


Helper macro to get real values out of Value while retaining proper errors in filters


The struct that holds the context of a template rendering.

The Error type

Represents a JSON key/value type.

Represents a JSON number, whether integer or floating point.

This is the parsed equivalent of a template file. It also does some pre-processing to ensure it does as little as possible at runtime Not meant to be used directly.

The main point of interaction in this library.


The kind of an error (non-exhaustive)

Represents any valid JSON value.


The filter function type definition

The global function type definition

The tester function type definition


Escape HTML following OWASP

Interpret a serde_json::Value as an instance of type T.

Converts a dotted path to a json pointer one

Convert a T into serde_json::Value which is an enum that can represent any valid JSON data.

Type Definitions

Convenient wrapper around std::Result.