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The AST of Tera


A block definition

An expression is a value that can be negated and followed by optional filters

A filter section node {{ filter name(param="value") }} content {{ endfilter }}

A forloop: can be over values or key/values

A function call, can be a filter or a global function

An if/elif/else condition with their respective body

Something that checks whether the left side is contained in the right side

A logical expression

A call to a namespaced macro macros::my_macro()

A Macro definition

A mathematical expression

Set a variable in the context {% set val = "hey" %}

Can only be a combination of string + ident or ident + ident

A test node if my_var is odd

Whether to remove the whitespace of a {% %} tag


An expression is the node found in variable block, kwargs and conditions.

All logic operators

All math operators

All Tera nodes that can be encountered