[]Trait rocket::http::ext::IntoOwned

pub trait IntoOwned {
    type Owned: 'static;
    fn into_owned(self) -> Self::Owned;

Trait implemented by types that can be converted into owned versions of themselves.

Associated Types

type Owned: 'static

The owned version of the type.

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Required methods

fn into_owned(self) -> Self::Owned

Converts self into an owned version of itself.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<T> IntoOwned for Option<T> where
    T: IntoOwned

type Owned = Option<<T as IntoOwned>::Owned>

impl<'a, B> IntoOwned for Cow<'a, B> where
    B: 'static + ToOwned + ?Sized

type Owned = Cow<'static, B>

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impl<'a> IntoOwned for Uri<'a>

type Owned = Uri<'static>

impl<'a> IntoOwned for Absolute<'a>

type Owned = Absolute<'static>

impl<'a> IntoOwned for Authority<'a>

type Owned = Authority<'static>

impl<'a> IntoOwned for Error<'a>

type Owned = Error<'static>

impl<'a> IntoOwned for Origin<'a>

type Owned = Origin<'static>

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