Trait rocket::http::uri::UriPart[]

pub trait UriPart: Sealed {
    const DELIMITER: char;
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Marker trait for types that mark a part of a URI.

This trait exists solely to categorize types that mark a part of the URI, currently Path and Query. Said another way, types that implement this trait are marker types that represent a part of a URI at the type-level.

This trait is sealed: it cannot be implemented outside of Rocket.


You will find this trait in traits like UriDisplay or structs like Formatter as the bound on a generic parameter: P: UriPart. Because the trait is sealed, the generic type is guaranteed to be instantiated as one of Query or Path, effectively creating two instances of the generic items: UriDisplay<Query> and UriDisplay<Path>, and Formatter<Query> and Formatter<Path>. Unlike having two distinct, non-generic traits, this approach enables succinct, type-checked generic implementations of these items.

Associated Constants

const DELIMITER: char


impl UriPart for Path

pub const DELIMITER: char

impl UriPart for Query

pub const DELIMITER: char